JSCA trip to China 
Report March 19 – 29, 2018

March 19 – 21 Yingkou
Met with Mr. Chen, the Director of Yingkou Pilot Free Trade Zone (PFTZ) 
www.ykftz.gov.cn and officials  of  the Yingkou city foreign affairs  department. 

The PFTZ  has  five  “clusters”  of sectors for development:  
A) Tourism, leisure, and health care.  
B) Technology, research and development of  emerging cluster. 
C)  Manufacturing transformation and upgrading demonstration area. 
D) Modern logistics business. 
E) Platform and headquarters economy areas.
They elaborated the five major advantages including:  
policy, location, infrastructure, supporting and environment.  
It appears to be a lot of potential business opportunities with our city. 
We need to follow up, screening and identify the most suitable projects.  
In particular “talents attraction” initiatives where our  city  might  be  
able  to help and provide training, education  collaboration  models,  
hospitals co-operations, senior  citizen  healthcare  and rehabilitation, 
unique products import from South America.


Visited Yingkou Central Hospital and held meetings with the key officials. 
This is the primary care provider in the city which was opened business in 
1858. The hospital has over 1200 employees with 38 clinical specialties and  
over 2000 hospital beds. Especially hospital management  with  US  counterparts.   
The hospital  hosted  Mayo  honorary chair Dr.  Kent Seltman and former 
VP Dr. Sylvester Sterioff in May 2017. In Oct. 1990, fiver months after 
signing ceremony, JSCA president Duane Dubleton and Barnett Bank president, 
Hugh Jones, visited Yingkou in Oct. 1990, discussing a medical team to perform 
heart valve replacement for three children for as part of medical cooperation 

Held meetings with Yingkou city Education officials and four “major” middle 
and high schools.  There  are  total 210K elementary and middle  school  
students.    Every  year, high school graduates admitted to the top 
universities in China, many study in US after graduation from high school.   
We  also toured a  middle  school  and received warmest  welcome  and very 
deliberately  prepared student programs.    Joseph Bass was a  star  and  
kids  loved  to communicate with him, asking questions and showing their 
talents in music, drawing, painting, arts and other performances.  
It was a blast! 

We held meeting with key officials of Yingkou port, with 150 years of 
history. The city of Yingkou has very similar geographic landscape as 
Jacksonville – coast lines and connected with rivers.  The port has 
very similar operations as well – commodity goods, agricultural 
products, and containers, automotive, liquids, raw materials, large 
parts.  Annual containers 6.3M versus Jacksonville of 450K. 

March 22 Ningbo City
Director of Foreign Affairs Mr. Xu was leading 
a delegation to Europe and departing from Shanghai in the evening.  
We met with him in the afternoon and had a coffee for about half hour. 
He was very experienced, articulate and helpful. While impressed by 
Joseph’s fluent Chinese communication in conversations, he demonstrated 
his own English skills with London School of economics education, 
equally surprised us as well. He mentioned educational co-operations 
and talents attraction and training.  Joseph will follow up with 
specific programs. March 25 Shaoxing We started by visiting Shaoxing 
2nd hospital, which was founded by American missionary Francis Wayland 
Goddard in 1910.  Mr. Goddard came to Shaoxing in 1903 for Baptist 
mission and provided medical treatment for local citizens.  

The hospital has extensive exchanges with American healthcare and 
medical communities including exchange programs in Harvard medical 
school - Mass General hospital, Emory university medical school.  
We were warmly welcomed by the hospital officials and being asked 
for help in building a bridge and provide specific initiatives for 
hospital doctors to conduct. research and exchange programs in
Jacksonville hospitals and medical community.We also shared the
rich medical resources in Jacksonville and would very much like to
conduct such programs.

3/26 Shaoxing
We had a meeting with Shaoxing city healthcare officials 
and four hospitals executives on a number of collaborative programs, 
ranging from doctors’ exchange, used equipment donation, co-operations 
on certain specialties and with specific hospitals.  They were very 
enthusiastic about such programs.   We also met with city education 
administrators and officials on students exchange program – “to forge 
elite next generation leaders” and participate various activities from 
mayor’s office, chamber of commerce, port, healthcare, sports and 
entertainment, etc. at our city.   

3/28 – 29 Suzhou
We began by visiting the port, which ranks 4th busiest worldwide 
of 6M containers alone annually on a 16 km coast line.  The port boosts 
a three-dimensional layout with advanced management and operations.  
The province GDP is in multiple trillion RMB level, and importing lumber 
from Alaska and Canada, other raw materials from all over the world. 
We also held meeting with city education officials and 3 major high 
school principals and teachers, followed by touring two prestigious, 
extremely well managed and administrated schools. Very, very impressed 
by the curriculum's, teachers’ quality and school campus. The pinnacle 
of the trip was to visit Suzhou hospital.  Compared with the hundreds 
of hospitals that I have been to in US, Europe, Asia and Middle East, 
this one was not just great, it was luxurious.  Very modern facility, 
top notch doctors, well laid out.  Just amazing. I had requested a 
video clip to share. We’ll have a number of specific programs to follow up. 

Current China Committee Members: 
Dr. Xu Wenying, former provost, Jacksonville University  
Dr. Xiang Xueyu, Embryology Lab director, Florida Institute for 
Reproductive Medicine 
Ms. Li Yan, Ponte Vedra High School Chinese teacher 
Dr. Song Zuorui,  Mayo Clinic registered perfusionist 
Dr. Ouyang Ronghua, Dean of Department of Education at UNF 
and Director of Confucius Institute 
Grace Huang, President FHL International LLC 
Le Fei, Deutsche Bank Analyst 
Joseph Bass,  Assistant of Managing director, Hans-Mills Corp. 
Brenda Frinks, Jacksonville Sister Cities Association, President

(904) 255-5445

City Hall, Suite 275
117 West Duval Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202