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Between 3-12 month availability 2024/2025


Nantes, France

2024 Young Adult Ambassador Internship

2024 Young Adult Ambassador Internship
2024 Young Adult Ambassador Internship

Time & Location

Between 3-12 month availability 2024/2025

Nantes, France

About the Event

Nantes Young Adult Internship Program Information

Jacksonville and Nantes became Sister Cities in 1985 and there has been an active exchange between the two cities since that date. Middle and high school students, professionals, choirs, musicians, artists, sports teams and, of course, members of the general public have all helped to create a strong bond between Jacksonville and Nantes. We are especially proud of our Young Ambassador program which gives young adults the opportunity to live and work in our Sister City for up to a year.

As the Young Ambassador, you will have the unique opportunity to work with city officials in Nantes, as well as their sister city organization, La Maison des États-Unis. Your primary goal as Young Ambassador is to promote the city of Jacksonville in as many ways as possible, this is done through establishing connections via teachers, artists, city officials, citizens, etc. While exploring Nantes and the French culture, you will also get to work with English classes from various schools and age groups. As the resident American, you will be a reference point for all things American and help organize and coordinate different American cultural celebrations, the two big celebrations being Thanksgiving and the 4th of July.


·  Have completed your undergraduate degree

·  3-12 months availability

·  Good working knowledge of French (B1 level)

·  Knowledgeable about Jacksonville

·  Personable, helpful, open-minded, and pleasant as you are representing the city of Jacksonville, Jacksonville City Hall, and JSCA


·  Host family stay

·  Meals

·  Public transportation card

Not Included:

·  Visa cost

·  Health Insurance

·  Flights

Approx. personal spending per month: $1,200

*This is in addition to the “Not Included” items above.

Helpful Resources:


·  Contact for JSCA Nantes Committee -

·  Visit Jax

·  City of Jacksonville

·  Nantes City Hall

·  Nantes Tourism

·  La Maison des États-Unis

Interested in more information?

Email for the date of the next

internship and application info.

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